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 by Debra Pennacchio
Best watch repair

I sent a 1971 Mickey Mouse Timex electric watch that I had put away with other watches. I had removed the battery, and replaced the battery years later the Watch worked made a seezing sound then slowed down and died. I searched over the internet and noticed the Cleveland watch repair. I checked out the watches this company repairs, so I sent an email, and I received a reply . Well easy to follow instructions were emailed as to how to mail out my watch. When my watch is delivered, got an email that it was received. Randall gave the Watch an overhaul replaced the coil, and a new seal. When Mickey was returned to me, he looks and works great!! I also received instructions as to how to keep Mickey working in good order. I will be a returning customer. This type of Watch repair is truly an Art , it’s difficult to find great Watch repair, This is the place! Thanks again Randall.

 by Rich McLinden
Overhaul Timex Mickey Mouse Watch

I have a late 60's, early 70's manual vintage Timex Mickey Mouse Watch that I purchased on ebay 10 years ago. The watch was running great til about a year ago. I took it to a watch repair, and for a while it would run fine, and then it would start slowing down, and then, not work at all. I saw on line, "Cleveland Watch Repair", and after talking to Randall, I decided to take a chance to try to get it fixed right. The watch was completely overhauled, the parts were very sticky, and the old lubricant was like glue. Randall told me he ran the parts thru the cleaner 3 times, the case was cleaned, and the crystal polished. What a difference this made to my watch. As long as I've had this watch, it has never been this accurate. For a manual Mickey Mouse Watch, after the overhaul, I still wasn't expecting this watch to be this accurate. Randall's work is a breath of fresh air, I can't recommend him enough. He told me in the beginning, "If I really like the watch, it's worth the investment". He was so right! One last thing I forgot to mention; He kept me informed during this whole process. Thanks again Randall for your outstanding work!

 by Terry Webb
Hamilton Masterpiece

Randall did an excellent job of cleaning and overhauling my Hamilton Masterpiece pocket watch. Before he worked on it, the stem was bent so that it could not be wound properly, the back case would not close tightly and it needed a good cleaning. It is now running very well and keeping perfect time. I could not be happier.

 by Keith Brown
Elgin 1888 pocket watch back to life

Randall took good care of my great grandfather’s pocket watch. He did not run since 1912 after a train wreck. Works great now. Thank you very much.

 by Jay Thomas

I was given my grandfather's pocket watch that he received when he graduated from high school in 1918. It was not running, tarnished and missing the crystal. Randall did his magic and returned it looking and working amazing. Can't thank him enough for restoring a treasured family heirloom.

 by Joe R.

Randall is a TREASURE!
My wifes Ladies Illinois Wristwatch came back not just working, but clean & polished and just as pristine as it could be made. He finished it in time to be worn at our daughters wedding, and the communication was top notch all the way through. SO glad to have found him and plan to look through my collection for others that would benefit from his TLC!

 by Dale Minard
Grandfather's 1910 Watch

This man is a master craftsman. He identified and fixed my grandfather's 1910 Rockford pocket watch after many other watch repair shops (over the last 30 years) were unable to I.D. it, let alone fix it. I'm now wearing a living, working connection to my gramps thanks to him! Well Done!

 by Thomas Welch
Pocket Watch Refurbish

CWR performed a refurbish on my grandfather's 1946 Ingraham Sentinel Pocket watch. I am very pleased. It now runs great and looks great too. They touched up the paint around the art deco numbers surrounding the dial. Looks great !

 by Robert
Repair of 3 watches

Sent in 3 watches, mechanical wind and 2 quartz. Quality of work and shining of the crystal was excellent. All 3 watches are running great and turnaround time was impressive.

 by Robert Cardwell
1904 Elgin Pocket Watch

My great grandfather's 1904 Elgin Pocket Watch was dormant for many, many decades. Have no clue when it was running last. Finally, after some research, I found Randall at Cleveland Watch Repair. He evaluated the watch, and after some meticulous work and a couple of new parts, it is running and beautiful again. It is now a working family heirloom thanks to Randall. The work is top notch, and turn time was reasonable, considering Randall stays extremely busy with restorations and repairs of all types of watches. Communication throughout the restoration process was great. Without question, I will continue to use Cleveland Watch Repair for all of my future watch restorations and repairs. I give the highest recommendation.

 by James P Horan
Outstanding Craftmanship!

My pocket watch is a 1898 Illinois 16s and was my great grandfathers. This watch sat in my Folks safety deposit box for decades. I received it in 2022 after my ma and dad passed away. It was missing the crystal and would not run. I found Randall on the internet and read the reviews; I was convinced that this is the man to fix this watch. This watch now looks beautiful and keeps excellent time. Randall's craftmanship to detail is amazing. Highly recommended!!! Thank You Randall!!

 by John Blackmon
Rolex 14k Bubbleback 5050

Watch originally purchased by my father in 1948 from Siempre LLaino Jewelry in Caracas, Venezuela. Watch ran, but needed cleaning and service, was losing time and had not been serviced in approximately 15 years. Located Cleveland Watch on internet and was immediately impressed with their prompt and courteous replies. Price to service was extremely reasonable quoted compared to other places. Communication was excellent and Randall was very good about updates as the repair process commenced. His work is referenced on the web page under current repairs. The watch was completed and returned this week, and I am ecstatic with the results. It looks as a new watch, yet Randall was cognizant of doing anything that would have a detrimental effect on the collectable value. The performance and accuracy of the timekeeping is dead on and truly amazing. I would recommend Randall to work on any watch regardless of value or sentimental feeling the owner may have. As you can tell, I am pleased beyond any expectation. Thank you so very much, Randall.

 by E. Davis
Patria w/shrapnel guard

I bought this watch on a whim, as it interested me on a number of levels. The watch is a WWI-era "trench watch" with a clip-on shrapnel guard, made by one of the forerunners to what is now Omega. I had priced many places online, including Omema themselves. While Cleveland wasn't the cheapest, it was well-reviewed, with much in the way of photo evidence of their work, and was far less expensive than Omega. After going through the consultation process, and sending the watch off, it was back in my hands looking for all the world like a new production! They replaced the crystal & mainspring, did a complete overhaul, and offered a very nice band that matches the trench warfare aesthetic. It will be a gift for my daughter for graduation, as she loves antiques, and this piece has a "steampunk" look about it - it is also now (since restoration) worth about 15X what I paid for it. Thanks so much for the timely, excellent work. 10/10 Recommended!

 by Lisa Kaufmann
Exceptional Work

I sent in a 1930’s Ingersoll pocket watch that needed an overhaul. Randall was very professional and knows exactly what he’s doing. The repair was beyond what I imagined. I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of getting a watch repaired. Thank you so much for the work you put into this!!

 by Geoffrey Mowrer

Repaired a circa 1918 "trench" is running great and plan on sending additional watches to be repaired. Thanks so much.

 by John Ryan
Excellent Work!

I sent Randall a WW2 Pierce Parashock that was my Dad's who was a pilot in Europe. The watch is beautiful and yet happily retaining some evidence of my Father's ownership! I am surprised that this watch brand, which I had never heard of, could be fixed. Randall unflinchingly took on the challenge. I'm looking forward to sending him another one.

 by Mark Beckert

I just got my 1942 Westclox Pocket Ben back today and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Looks and runs just like it did 81 years ago! Thanks Randall!

 by Rayce A Townsend
Genuine Excellence

True artistry and genuine craftsmanship. Courteous and professional. What more can be said. Randall is the go to guy. He gets the nod. He gets the nudge. Again, I am completely satisfied.

 by Ben Massey
Superb Watchmaker

I keep sending Randall watches that have major problems and damage and he sends me back jewels that don't miss a beat. I'm a repeat customer and as you can read from the other reviews no one is unhappy with his work. That's hard to do in this day and age. He is a true craftsman who goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Just sent him two more to work his magic on. So very happy that I found Randall.

 by Rob August
1977 Timex Day/Date

I received this watch as a gift in 1977, it finally died in 2002, but because of sentimental reasons, I wanted it restored. I had tried to get it repaired a few times over the years, but I always got the same responses: "Watch is too old", "No parts for it", "Can't do it". Even Timex wouldn't respond. I found Cleveland Watch Repair online and thought I'd give it a shot. Randall was very courteous, very professional and managed to have all the right parts and replacement movement on hand. I couldn't believe how quickly he got this old watch running again! His prices are very reasonable. I got the watch back in just a couple weeks, well packaged, with a new band, stand, instructions, extra batteries and cleaning cloth. His expertise and customer service are OUTSTANDING! I've already referred him to several friends and family, in case they ever need a timepiece repaired. This 45 year old Timex is on my wrist right now, running like new, all polished up. Randall is the best!

 by dale sizemore
repairs done right!

1st watch Cleveland Watch Repair did for me was a 1907 ingersoll eclipse. no one else would touch it/ no parts/ to old/ cheap old dollar watch not worth repairing! Mr Randall made it look and run like new, excellent work! top notch, reasonably priced for what others want to even look at one, and keep for six months. have had it back about three months now and wind it every day, runs and keeps dang near perfect time. no jewels/ not a rolex.....but like a rebuilt model-t. will be sending more.

 by Rick Lott
Excellent Service

I had about given up on getting my Col. Pogue Seiko Chronograph fixed. Then I received a reply from Randall stating confidently that he could do the repair. He gave clear instructions for sending the watch, and notified me when it arrived. After he had inspected the watch, he explained in detail what was wrong with it, how he would repair it, and how the cost. I received timely updates as the repair progressed. My watch came back looking and running great. I much appreciate the skill, honesty, and professionalism of this fine watchmaker.

 by Leland B Ransom II
Benrus mil-w-3818b 28-343

"Randall does magic with quality old watches. My Vietnam hack watch went with me on every mission. It has new life given by Randall's masterful skill and dedication. It is just like new again. I now wear this old friend every day, thanks to my new friend, Randall." Col Ransom, senior, fighter pilot.

 by Gary Harding
Pocket Watches

Receive Two more of my Pocket Watches back from Randall. Randall to me is the Best There is, ( A True Master Watch maker.) and I trust only him to work on my Pocket watches, and you can to. Great Job as always. Thanks again my Friend

 by Ben Massey
More of Randall's excellent work

Just got two more pocket watches back from Randall. He's done 5 for me and I'm getting two more ready to send. I rarely carry a pocket watch but have collected them for years. When I do carry one I want it to run right. Randall is your man if you want your timepieces returned to you running like they did from the factory. Recently his has had to deal with some watches of mine that were done by my previous watchman. His work just wasn't up to par and you can image having to go behind someone else and clean up their mistakes. But as usual he came through with flying colors. Thanks again Randall!!!

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