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 by Joe C.
So helpful!

Randall is great to work with. I was lucky to stumble upon a post he made about servicing a Westclox Wrist Ben. He did a great job on it, so I sent him mine which was in desperate need of TLC. Great communication, helpful photos and advice on maintaining the watch, and the turnaround time was surprising! Of course I sent him another watch in need of service as soon as the Wrist Ben came back to me. Thanks so much!

 by Mike W.

After 44 years of wearing my Seiko Divers watch, model 6309-7049 stopped working. The crown became difficult to pull out as well. Sent to Seiko and a local jeweler. Both said it was too old, parts not available, and it could not be fixed. Contacted Randall who took this on and did a wonderful job bringing the watch back to life. Communications with Randall were excellent, and he kept me informed of what he was doing during each step. I highly recommend Randall for any timepiece repair.

 by Mark Beckert

Randall has repaired two pocket watches for me, one over 100 years old and the other 80 years old and both were returned running in like new condition. No other repairman will ever look at my watches again, I highly recommend him.

 by Bob M.
Exactly what I was looking for

Randall did a superb job fixing up my dad's old Bradley hand-wind Mickey Mouse watch from the 70s. He got it cleaned up (inside and out) so it keeps good time without losing that well-worn vintage aesthetic. His communication with me throughout the process was friendly and open; I couldn't have asked for a better overall experience.

 by Dan J.

Highly recommend Randall! He is highly professional and customer focused. He serviced a Hamilton Model 23 pocket watch and it is performing perfectly. I'm a first time customer but I have no doubt I'll be a return customer along with recommending him to others. Randall is a first class watchmaker!

 by Bob C.

I inherited a rare watch that belonged to my great grandfather, it was beat up and missing some parts. Randall did his magic and restored this amazing heirloom and brought it back to life! after nearly 100 years, to hear it tick is simply magical! I can't recommend Cleveland Watch Repair enough. Absolutely exceeded my expectations!

 by Bob D
Timex Vintage 1964 Self-Wind

Randall did a thorough overhaul and replaced some critical parts for me. The watch was overhauled, fixed, and cleaned. He was able to provide a very accurate work/cost estimate. It looks and works perfectly now. He also provided some advice on winding and operating this type of automatic watch to keep great time. I will send him some other watches for fixing. I trust his work. Thank you.

 by JCT
Superb ...

Randall has restored five Elgin Vintage Watches. Now they all shine and purr and keep perfect time. He also miraculously rescued great grandmother's battered watch face and created new gold numerals. He is truly a master craftsman and artist.

 by Jay Greene
Great Watch Repair

This is a great place to have your watch repaired, refurbished, or restored. I've read many of the positive reviews and wholeheartedly agree with them all. He overhauled my late mother's 70+ year old Girard-Perregaux. I was initially uncomfortable with the mail in process but It turned out perfectly and now my watch looks and runs perfectly. Thanks again Randall.
Jay Greene

perregaux watch..

 by Kevin Pennanen
Just Fantastic

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Randall, which was everything you could possibly wish for. Great communications, reasonable rates, updates, and two WWII military-issue timepieces that now both work and look marvelous. He even took the time to write about my father, who took the timepieces to work as navigator on a bomber in the Pacific 1944-45. Randall was the third watch repairer I'd taken the timepieces to, and what a complete difference. Thank you again!

 by John Mahoney
Expert service with assuring and timely advice

I found Randall as you may have just now by searching on-line, reading reviews, and then completing the contact form. What impressed me from the outset was Randall’s expertise and succinct timely responses via email about heirloom watches and the advice he provided when I asked about repairing, preserving, and maintaining them. I then sent Randall two pocket watches for service, an Elgin and an heirloom, Patek Philippe, both of which were not running or not running accurately. I received updates from Randall when he got them and when they would be ready. I was very excited and happy when I received them back, beautifully polished and running smoothly and accurately. I was glad that I found Randall, and I know you will feel the same way when you work with him to enjoy your heirlooms and preserve them for the next generation.

 by Ben Massey
Absolute Best

Randall has now repaired 18 pocket watches for me and I've left several reviews. I just about running out of great things to say. As I told Randall in an email this morning, stellar top notch work is his trademark. My watches are spot on when I get them back. I'm not saying there aren't other master watch makers like Randall, but I don't know who they are. But I can guarantee you this, you will get a watch back from him that will be in better than factory new condition, and depending upon the movement grade will be within seconds a week. And I'll go as far as saying if he can't fix it, no one can. All of that combined with a super nice fellow. Look no further than Randall for your prized heirloom timepiece repair work.

 by Paul Wood
Excellent, fast repairs

Randall did an excellent and quick repair to my grandfather's pocket watch. The watch had a broken component, and the problem was diagnosed quickly. Randall also suggested replacing the cover crystal. The watch was cleaned, part and crystal replaced, and put together faster than I expected. The watch was in perfect working order when returned. I recommend. Cleveland Watch Repair if you need a timepiece repaired.


 by Kevin Kyle
6309-7049 Repair

So, as a birthday gift this year, my family sent my old Seiko 6309 "Turtle" in to be repaired. I was stoked to see that it had arrived when I came home from a work trip yesterday. I bought this watch when I was aboard my first ship in the USN in 1984. For a young guy, it was quite expensive, even though it was purchased aboard ship, at a significant discount, it was probably still $250. It proved incredibly reliable and worked perfectly until a few years ago. At the time, I couldn't find anyone who would be able to repair it without paying an extraordinary amount of money, so it went into my desk drawer, and I purchased a newer Seiko for everyday wear. Lucas recently became interested in watches and found mine. He also found that Cleveland Watch Repair could do it. As a surprise, he instigated having it repaired for me as a gift, and I'll be forever grateful. I hope to continue wearing this nearly 40-year-old favorite for many more decades! Well done, Cleveland Watch Repair!

 by John Cooper

Randall repaired and preserved my father's A11 watch from WW2 Air Force. Watch is absolutely fantastic!! Communication is excellent and everything was handled in a very timely manner. Cannot express my appreciation enough.
Thanks For Everything

 by Debra Pennacchio
Best watch repair

I sent a 1971 Mickey Mouse Timex electric watch that I had put away with other watches. I had removed the battery, and replaced the battery years later the Watch worked made a seezing sound then slowed down and died. I searched over the internet and noticed the Cleveland watch repair. I checked out the watches this company repairs, so I sent an email, and I received a reply . Well easy to follow instructions were emailed as to how to mail out my watch. When my watch is delivered, got an email that it was received. Randall gave the Watch an overhaul replaced the coil, and a new seal. When Mickey was returned to me, he looks and works great!! I also received instructions as to how to keep Mickey working in good order. I will be a returning customer. This type of Watch repair is truly an Art , it’s difficult to find great Watch repair, This is the place! Thanks again Randall.

 by Rich McLinden
Overhaul Timex Mickey Mouse Watch

I have a late 60's, early 70's manual vintage Timex Mickey Mouse Watch that I purchased on ebay 10 years ago. The watch was running great til about a year ago. I took it to a watch repair, and for a while it would run fine, and then it would start slowing down, and then, not work at all. I saw on line, "Cleveland Watch Repair", and after talking to Randall, I decided to take a chance to try to get it fixed right. The watch was completely overhauled, the parts were very sticky, and the old lubricant was like glue. Randall told me he ran the parts thru the cleaner 3 times, the case was cleaned, and the crystal polished. What a difference this made to my watch. As long as I've had this watch, it has never been this accurate. For a manual Mickey Mouse Watch, after the overhaul, I still wasn't expecting this watch to be this accurate. Randall's work is a breath of fresh air, I can't recommend him enough. He told me in the beginning, "If I really like the watch, it's worth the investment". He was so right! One last thing I forgot to mention; He kept me informed during this whole process. Thanks again Randall for your outstanding work!

 by Terry Webb
Hamilton Masterpiece

Randall did an excellent job of cleaning and overhauling my Hamilton Masterpiece pocket watch. Before he worked on it, the stem was bent so that it could not be wound properly, the back case would not close tightly and it needed a good cleaning. It is now running very well and keeping perfect time. I could not be happier.

 by Keith Brown
Elgin 1888 pocket watch back to life

Randall took good care of my great grandfather’s pocket watch. He did not run since 1912 after a train wreck. Works great now. Thank you very much.

 by Jay Thomas

I was given my grandfather's pocket watch that he received when he graduated from high school in 1918. It was not running, tarnished and missing the crystal. Randall did his magic and returned it looking and working amazing. Can't thank him enough for restoring a treasured family heirloom.

 by Joe R.

Randall is a TREASURE!
My wifes Ladies Illinois Wristwatch came back not just working, but clean & polished and just as pristine as it could be made. He finished it in time to be worn at our daughters wedding, and the communication was top notch all the way through. SO glad to have found him and plan to look through my collection for others that would benefit from his TLC!

 by Dale Minard
Grandfather's 1910 Watch

This man is a master craftsman. He identified and fixed my grandfather's 1910 Rockford pocket watch after many other watch repair shops (over the last 30 years) were unable to I.D. it, let alone fix it. I'm now wearing a living, working connection to my gramps thanks to him! Well Done!

 by Thomas Welch
Pocket Watch Refurbish

CWR performed a refurbish on my grandfather's 1946 Ingraham Sentinel Pocket watch. I am very pleased. It now runs great and looks great too. They touched up the paint around the art deco numbers surrounding the dial. Looks great !

 by Robert
Repair of 3 watches

Sent in 3 watches, mechanical wind and 2 quartz. Quality of work and shining of the crystal was excellent. All 3 watches are running great and turnaround time was impressive.

 by Robert Cardwell
1904 Elgin Pocket Watch

My great grandfather's 1904 Elgin Pocket Watch was dormant for many, many decades. Have no clue when it was running last. Finally, after some research, I found Randall at Cleveland Watch Repair. He evaluated the watch, and after some meticulous work and a couple of new parts, it is running and beautiful again. It is now a working family heirloom thanks to Randall. The work is top notch, and turn time was reasonable, considering Randall stays extremely busy with restorations and repairs of all types of watches. Communication throughout the restoration process was great. Without question, I will continue to use Cleveland Watch Repair for all of my future watch restorations and repairs. I give the highest recommendation.

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