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by Jeremy on Cleveland Watch Repair
Seiko 6139-6005

I sent Randall a Seiko 6139 that was in need of a cleaning and overhaul. He did an amazing job! It looks like it did in 1974. I haven’t taken it off since it was delivered. It’s running spot on. His customer service is second to none! I highly recommend him! Thank You Randall!

by Rich Vance on Cleveland Watch Repair

Sent an old Seiko Pogue in that was no longer resetting to 12 and running fast. Was given a six (or maybe eight) turn-around. Three weeks later I had it back, running perfectly. Great service, and when my next old Seiko starts running bad I know where I'm sending it.

by Gary Harding on Cleveland Watch Repair
Pocket Watches

I have been sending my Pocket Watches in to Randall now for about 6 years. I just got back two of my rare Hamilton 19 jewels model 944s, they were in bad shape. So Randall work on them and like always they turn out to be a beautiful work of art, inside and out. I trust all of my pockets watches to Randall to work on, because he is the BEST. Thanks Randall

by Robert T. on Cleveland Watch Repair
1952 Bulova/1975 Timex Electric

I have two of my late Dad’s watches. A 1952 Bulova he received as a high school graduation gift in 1952 and a Timex Electric Dynabeat he wore in the 1970’s. I sent both to Randall to be restored. Both came back looking and working like new. During the repairs Randall kept me updated including pictures and answered any questions I had. I am highly pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone needing a vintage watch restored. I would have no hesitation sending him more watches in the future.

by Jeff on Cleveland Watch Repair
11967 Benruss military watch

My watch was the1967 Benrus DTU-2A/P MIL-W-3818B he recently serviced. I have to say it turned out perfect. The watch probably runs better than it did in March of 1967 when it was manufactured. He listened to my request and left the dial as is while sealing the lume in the hands from the bottom side to prevent flaking and shedding of the old tritium lume. I can't get over with how well the watch is running. I'll be sending it back to him for service in 5 to 7 years. A great communicator as well, you can't go wrong.

by Anthony Kremer on Cleveland Watch Repair
Excellent Work - 1930s Mickey Mouse Ingersoll

Randall did an excellent job repairing and restoring a 1930s Mickey Mouse Ingersoll watch that once belonged to my grandfather. The watch was in pretty bad shape, but Randall thoroughly explained to me what was needed to get the watch back in working order. He kept in regular contact with me throughout the repair process and answered all of the questions I had during and after the process. Randall clearly enjoys his work, and I would have no hesitation going to him again in the future for another watch repair.

by Andrew Hanwell on Cleveland Watch Repair
Another Fantastic Job: Seiko 6309-8059

This is the fifth timepiece Randall has worked on for me and I do not have enough good things to say about his work. His communication is always prompt and detailed; work like this takes time and attention. This Seiko belonged to my dearly departed grandfather so having it on the wrist and looking great is exceptional.

If you have an old watch you'd like running again or a family heirloom that deserves special care, Cleveland Watch Repair is the place to go.

by Evangeline Benson on Cleveland Watch Repair

My family are so happy to have their great-grandfather’s Alton 1909 pocket watch back in running condition. And the dial is so nice now that it has been replaced. Thank you for the time and effort you expended in making it live again.

by Matt McGarr on Cleveland Watch Repair
Excellent advice

Randall was awesome we emaild a few times back and forth,he answered all my question and went completly above and beyond with all the information he gave me. Thank you Randall it is very much appreciated.

by Gary Harding on Cleveland Watch Repair
Pocket Watches

I have been sending my Pocket Watches in to Cleveland Watch Repair for about 5 years now, I only trust Randall for all my watch needs, and so can you. Randall is the Best there is, your watches will come back like New. Thank you Randall

by Joseph Miller on Cleveland Watch Repair
Excellent Service

Randall restored a 1923 Illinois pocket watch that was passed down from my grandfather. This is the second watch that he has restored for me. He did a great job on both making them look brand new. Randall kept me informed and did everything in a very honest and professional way. I highly recommend his services. Very pleased with his work!

by Patrick B Matheny on Cleveland Watch Repair
Beautiful Timing

The Watch Master Randall has done an amazing job on an 1896 railroad pocket watch. Cleaning, maintenance, and even taking out dents, he is a craftsman. I would highly recommend the Cleveland Watch Repair to anyone. Thank You Randall

by George Booth on Cleveland Watch Repair
Seiko Pogue

I told Randall for over a year that I was going to send in my Seiko Pogue. Finally, I got around to it and it turned out amazing. My granddad gave me this watch and he passed away over a year ago. It means a lot to me that Randall was able to repair and overhaul this watch to the degree that he did. It now keeps great time and looks great for the age of the watch. Thank you Randall!

by Keith on Cleveland Watch Repair
Seiko Pogue Refurbish

Randall refurbished my father's Okinawa PX '71 Seiko 6139 series (Pogue) for me. Watch looked crummy beforehand. Wrong crystal, scratched, stopwatch inop, wasn't consistently running. He cleaned and rehab'd the movement, replaced a part or two, new (correct) crystal, re-lumed, repaired the stopwatch function and gently polished the case. After all his work, not only does it run and operate as it should, but it looks beautiful! Like I have a different watch. Very please with the work. Would use him again in a heartbeat!

by Dan Oliver on Cleveland Watch Repair
Excellent service

Randall was able to perform miracles to assess the damage and then fix my Seiko Pogue watch. He was extremely friendly and kept me up to date and involved. Randall also fixed a slight issue we ran into with shipping at his cost. I would absolutely have Randall perform any watch repair I needed in the future.

by Ed on Cleveland Watch Repair
Pocket Watch Repair

I have been a member of NAWCC for many years. It is a wonderful
association for collectors of watches and clocks. That is where I met
Randall. He takes great pride in repairing and servicing watches. Your
watches are in great hands with Randall! He has meticulously service
and repaired several of my watches.

by Larry Wynn on Cleveland Watch Repair

Randall, Keeping it short, My Grandfathers 1924 Waltham was in horrible condition. no hands no crystal etc.. You my friend Made it alive again.
thank you ever so much...

by Rebecca Lee on Cleveland Watch Repair

After my father’s passing I received his 1946 (mustering out of the military) Gruen watch. He wore it for decades and as a carpenter/farmer it took a great deal of abuse and most likely was never cleaned or maintained. I did stop at a highly regarded jewelry store and inquire to the repair, the expert there looked at it for 15 seconds, handed it back and said, “You can’t get parts for it anymore”. Then I found Randall, it was in his shop for several weeks and he kept me apprised of his diagnosis and the hard to find parts that were needed. Well, I just received it and it is looking great and operating like it should. I am thrilled at the workmanship and integrity involved. I highly recommend this craftsmen.

by Joseph Miller on Cleveland Watch Repair
Very Pleased

Sixty three years ago my mother gave me a Bulova 23 Jewel Self Winding wrist watch for graduation. Within the past two plus years it stopped keeping good time and I began my search to find someone to bring it back to life. After an extensive search I concluded that Randall was the watchmaker I needed. With some hesitation I contacted Randall and the process started. He was very professional and honest and kept me informed all during the process, I just received the watch and WOW it looks and works just like it was brand new. I am very pleased and I highly recommend Randall. You will not be disappointed,

by Christopher on Cleveland Watch Repair
Fantastic work

I was extremely nervous about sending my antique Pocketwatch my father gave to me when I graduated which needed a serious overhaul. Randall put my mind at ease and was a pleasure to work with, great communication, and absolutely beautiful work. I would highly recommend to anyone nervous about sending out a prized heirloom.

by Garret on Cleveland Watch Repair
Exceptional service

About a year ago, Randall serviced an early 1960's watch which was admitting moisture (because rubber gaskets had decayed). He cleaned and lubricated it, replaced the crystal and crown, and sealed it. It worked great. Less than a year later, the watch had some issues and Randall graciously fixed it again, doing superb work, going above and beyond what was needed. I've had it back now for five days and it's working perfectly. I cannot thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone who needed a watch repaired.

by Jason Radcliffe on Cleveland Watch Repair
Very Impressed

I wish you could see how my pocket watch turned out, just gorgeous. But i didn't send it in for just a polishing, he disassembled the impossibly tiny precision internal components, balanced, tuned, and lubricated in ways i could never do. Money well spent. It is ready for another 60 years of service.

by Gary on Cleveland Watch Repair
very happy customer

Randall's service is a model business. Excellent website, prompt AND thorough communications, and excellent work. Working with Randall and his business is more of a personal experience as it is a consumer experience. Thanks Randall.

by Julie Davis on Cleveland Watch Repair
The only place I trust with my heirloom

I was given my grandfather's 1935 gold watch ages ago. And I even wore it for several years before I decided it would be best to keep it safely stored. It stopped running at some point and I was at a loss as to who I would trust to repair it. That is until one of my favorite miniature artists announced he was working on watches. And he even had images of my exact model watch that he repaired. He is a master. He kept me completely informed during the entire process with prompt responses to all my questions and walked me through everything I needed to do to insure my watch was protected. He carefully and meticulously and went over it, completely disassembling it and making repairs as needed. He carefully hand polished and restored it to like new glory. I couldn't be more pleased. It runs precisely and accurately and is better than when I first received it. He truly is gifted and I am so grateful for his expertise and attention. You can't go wrong by choosing him to care for your special and irreplaceable piece.

by Greg on Cleveland Watch Repair
Wonderful Service

Randall took the pocket watch that came from my grandfather and made it beautiful. It works perfectly.

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