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Cleveland Watch Repair
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by Mark on Cleveland Watch Repair
Resurrecting history

A couple things- if you have an older watch which needs repair, remember that since your watch is no longer being made, it may cost a few dollars. With that said, I have sent in everything from Timex watches to Swiss antique watches to Randall, and he has taken what would be junk to those who aren't sentimentally attached to them, to the same working and gorgeous pieces of history they were 3/4s of a century ago. When you match the cost of a quality refurbishment to the fact you're bringing a piece of your own family history back to life, the cost is a bargain.
Do not hesitate to have Randall have a try at even what you might think is a hopeless timepiece. Chances are he'll get it running good as new.


by Arthur Delillio on Cleveland Watch Repair

Scoured the internet for over 9 months looking for the right Seiko vintage dive watch at the right price, Found a diamond in the rough, sent it to Cleveland Watch Repair and could not be more impressed. Thank you Randall for my magnificent and accurate time piece. Arthur DeLillio

Thank You!

by James Cook on Cleveland Watch Repair
Great Job

I pick up a Rockford railroad watch at a car show of all places. I checked on-line for info on the watch. Made contact with Randall. He told me from the start the cost and the time to repair the watch. The watch is over 100 years old and it works great. A real keeper. Thanks Randall, I will be sending more work your way.


by Mike Carlson on Cleveland Watch Repair
Excellent work - Seiko 6139-6002 servicing

I acquired a used Seiko 6139-6002 chronograph at a swap meet; I found Cleveland Watch Repair online via Google. Randall serviced the watch, and it’s now on my wrist keeping perfect time. Not bad for a watch dated back to the mid-1970s. Excellent work, great communication, very reasonable pricing. I will be sending more business to Cleveland Watch Repair. Thanks, Randall. Sincerely, Mike Carlson

Thank You!

by Paul Pierce on Cleveland Watch Repair
Gramps R/R waltham

It hasn’t run since 1955, the year he passed. I found Mr. Randall and read the reviews. And the rest is history. Randall told me he was a couple of months behind. l sent it in and thought it would be a nice present to my self. It arrived on the 31st of Dec. lt finally is doing as it was designed to do. Without any fuss, Mr. Randall did as he said. A True master of the time world. Parts were no problem and the watch will continue to keep time. Thank you, Mr. Randall, for a job and promise to deliver.

Thank You!

by Geoffrey Mowrer on Cleveland Watch Repair

Repaired a trench watch that I was sure was never going to work again...the watch is now running and keeping great time. Thanks so much.

Thank You!

by Sandy Josephson on Cleveland Watch Repair

A few months ago, my father found an old Benrus watch in the bottom of a dresser drawer that had been saved there since it quit working in the mid 50's. When I asked its history, Dad told me that he got the it from another soldier when he was in the army stationed in Korea. The expansion band was broken and had missing links, and there was no movement of the hands, even though the watch appeared to be tightly- wound. The original glass crystal was slightly-scratched, but intact. I knew from the questions that I asked, that Dad saved that watch all these years because it was an important part of his military history.

Living in rural southwestern Minnesota and without telling my father, I took the watch to a jeweler in a neighboring town that is a friend of our family. He told me it was not something that could be fixed, so I sadly brought it home and started searching the internet for anyone that repaired Benrus watches. There were two sites that I noted, but from the initial response from Randall and the excellent reviews on his webpage, I knew he was the person I trusted to ship Dad's watch to. Randall was very prompt in emailing me after it arrived in Ohio, and gave what I considered to be a reasonable cost estimate. I was so excited to read that he felt the watch could be successfully repaired, and that Dad could perhaps wear it again after so many years of inactivity in his dresser drawer. Randall did tell me up-front that the repair might take some extended time, but today it arrived by UPS. Now it is fully functional with a new watch band in wearable-condition, nearly 65 years since the day in Korea that he acquired it. I am so happy to have it to give to my Dad as a Christmas present in a few days!

I would recommend Randall's knowledge and expertise to anyone in a similar situation as myself. Thanks again, Randall, and I certainly am keeping your business card in a safe place for future use if needed!

Thank you!

by Rebecca Galloway on Cleveland Watch Repair
Beautiful Makeover!

My grandfather gave me an old Elgin pocket watch that his great aunt used to own in the early 1920's, but it hadn't been functional for years and needed a major cleaning job. I honestly didn't think it could be fixed, but I found Randall online and was pleased to support a local Ohio business by giving it a try! He responded to my inquiry very quickly and came back to me with a rough estimate based on photos I sent of the watch. I mailed it to him a few months ago, and he warned me that it would be quite a project and wouldn't be able to deliver until December. Sure enough, he was able to fix it, and the watch was delivered to me this week! It looks like a completely new watch. In addition, he supplied a cute little wooden stand for it so that I could sit it on my desk. I love it so much and am so happy he brought it back to life! I highly recommend his services.

Thank you!

by Joseph Knecht on Cleveland Watch Repair

Over the past six months, Randall did an unexpectedly wonderful job on two vintage (to me) watches I own: my U.S. Air Force navigator automatic Benrus watch MIL-W-50717 issued to me in 1980; and a Delage 25 jewels automatic incabloc I received as a gift in 1960. Both had stopped working many years ago, the bands were in bad shape, they were unable to be wound, and both crystals were scratched significantly. What was returned to me were excellent working watches that retained the look of the original design. Randall offered advice on what I should and should not repair in order to maintain the monetary and sentimental value of each watch; I truly appreciated his advice, which I took. As a result of the wonderful repair work, I have no hesitation whole-heartedly recommending Randall for your most dearest watch repair needs. Thank you, Randall!

Thank You!

by Mark on Cleveland Watch Repair

I now have the vintage watch bug... Randall has taken stuff I have sent him, such as a beat up Boy Scout Timex self-winder, and turned it from something most of us would send to the landfill to something I rotate in my old watch-wearing habit. He also can tune up contemporary watches like my Seiko diver.

Recommend his services with great enthusiasm.

Thank You!

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