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Cleveland Watch Repair
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by Roger Holm on Cleveland Watch Repair
1951 Gruen Overhaul

Randall recently "overhauled" my 1951 graduation gift from my family Gruen Curvex 21 jewel watch, which was also missing the stem-winder wheel. He also installed a new crystal, and sent it back in perfect working order, and looking for all the world like it did brand new in 1951! This watch means a lot to me, and I'm so grateful to Randall for his great skill and artistry in being able to restore this precious gift for me! He's got to be the best at what he does! Many thanks Randall!

Thank You!

by Andrew Hanwell on Cleveland Watch Repair
More Great Work by Randall

Randall has delivered once again, this time on my Ollech & Wajs diving watch. Back in July eBay delivered it in nonworking order, which Randall discovered was caused by rust on the crown stem. Two months later he returned it in perfect order and even informed me about operating the ETA 2424 movement. I consider Randall's work to be a great investment.

Thank You!

by Gary Harding on Cleveland Watch Repair

I just got back my 5 bezels with new glass in them, and let me tell you that they look Great. I trust all my watch repair to Randall at Cleveland Watch Repair, For he is the BEST. THANKS Randall

Thank You!

by Wayne on Cleveland Watch Repair
Excellent Service

Great communication and skill has brought my Hamilton Model 23 back to life and looking beautiful. I am very happy with Randall's work and I recommend his services to anyone in need.

Thank You!

by Sandy Josephson on Cleveland Watch Repair
Master of Watches

I previously sent Randall a Benrus watch that my father acquired from a member of his army unit when he was stationed in Korea in the early 50's. At that time, the watch was fully in-tact, but appeared to be fully-wound and was not working. After searching the internet and reading reviews for antique watch repair, I chose Cleveland Watch Repair as my first choice because of the prompt communication and personal-caring expressed by Randall. He was able to clean it and get it back in working order and my father was given it as a Christmas gift, much to his surprise!
A couple weeks ago, I contacted Randall again because now the watch would not wind. In typical fashion, Randall responded promptly to my email, told me that it needed a new mainspring, and started to search to see if one was available. He made my day when he told me he located one! I sent Dad's watch back to him, and today I received it...back in working order.
There is no question in my mind, that if I need other watch repair I will ALWAYS contact Randall, who I respect and know will do all he can to get it working again. He is a watch-magician....extraordinaire!

Thank You!

by Paige Sawyer on Cleveland Watch Repair
watch repair

Randall has repaired several watches left to me by my father. He knows his craft and his workmanship is beyond compare. He lets you know before hand what needs to be done, if parts need to be ordered and the cost. He has earned my trust and confidence and I have several more wristwatches to send to him. Plus, he's a nice guy too!

Thank You!

by Bruce on Cleveland Watch Repair
Bradley Mickey Mouse

Sent in my 1970 Bradley Mickey Mouse watch that stopped running. Got back a watch that looks new and runs great. Thank you for your excellent work.

Thank You!

by Stephanie Binkley on Cleveland Watch Repair

My maternal grandfather, a truly wonderful man, left the 1922 Illinois pocket watch grade 305, model 7 he received for his 16th birthday to my older brother many years ago. Dave used it for a very long time and then accidentally dropped it into a pool. Needless to say, the watch died. It remained in this sad condition for perhaps 20 or so years.

After extensive research on the web, I decided that Randall was the exact person who should be trusted with my grandfather's watch. The photos posted to his site were absolutely amazing and showed his stellar expertise in the renovation and repair of vintage pocket watches. It makes me happy to know that there are still people in the world who care enough to devote their time and talents to the upkeep of these tremendous relics of the past and of our families. Randall is an incomparable artist.

Shortly after I completed the form to request service, Randall called for additional information. What a nice, polite, clever, funny and knowledgeable man! He thought he would be able to get the pocket watch running again, so I sent it per his directions. He let me know when he received it and sent a quick assessment of its condition.

Randall let me know a little later that the watch had a broken balance staff. He knew of a place where he could find this old part and what it would cost. Of course, I gave him the go-ahead.

Shortly thereafter, he sent photos of my grandfather's restored pocket watch. That was followed by the watch itself.

I have been marveling at the totally awesome job he did on my Grandpop's watch! My husband and I keep talking about it whenever we're in the same room and commenting on how he brought it back to life. Randall does such wonderful, painstaking, delicate work! I am honored to have received the benefit of his expertise. I never thought the watch could look the way it does since being in his knowledgeable and talented hands. This watch model was common in its day and is not particularly valuable, but to my brother and me it is an extremely valuable remembrance of our very cool grandfather! I told Randall I would be glad to stand in a parking lot wearing a sandwich sign to advertise for him! Randall rocks!

Thank You!

by Rayce A. Townsend on Cleveland Watch Repair
Absolute Satisfaction Seiko 6139

I have sent my two Seiko 6139 "Pogue's" to three other so called watch repairmen including the Seiko factory itself with zero result. Randall is a complete genius and master of the trade. I am completely satisfied with his work. My watches are running like new. Cleveland Watch Repair was a "Great Find". Randall will always have my recommend and future business. Thank you for making my day!

Thank You!

by mark Carlson on Cleveland Watch Repair
Seiko 6139

No one in Central Texas would touch my 1975 Seiko Automatic. Some said it could not be done, or it was too much trouble. An internet search found Randal and his Cleveland Watch Repair. I took a chance and I am glad I did. Good price, excellent communication and the end result was more than I expected. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Mark C

Thank You!

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