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Vintage Watch Overhaul

I live in Denver and took my watch to a local repair location and they didn't think they could get my watch in good working order, so I started an online search for a classic watch repair company. Randall came up and he was excited about the watch and pretty much guaranteed he would get it back to new. Well, he did! He quoted about 8 weeks for the overhaul and he came in right on time with a perfectly working 80 year old Seeland Quadromatic! Yep, Randall knows his stuff and does it the right way. I highly recommend you work with him on any watch repair.

Thank You!

Grandpa's Omega

I could tell immediately that Randall means business - he was able to identify and date the age of my Grandfathers wristwatch from only a photo. I knew if I wanted to wear this watch on a regular basis I'd have to get it serviced professionally. I can say now I certainly came to the right place - my expectations were far exceeded when I received the watch. Thank you for the excellent service and great work!

Thank You!

Omega Constellation Repairs

Randall repaired two Omega Constellations for me, both from the early 60's, one of which I will admit was kind of a disaster. It had rust on the movement, so much so that the spring detent was rusted through and broken in half. The screws were also rusty, and I'm sure difficult to remove from the movement. He overhauled the movement, cleaned out all the rust, put new crystals and crowns on both. He performed a miracle, especially on the one Constellation. The watch looks beautiful, especially with the lightly polished case, new crystal and crown, yet keeping the original hands and patina dial. I've been collecting for many years, and have used his services for a few years now, I'm always impressed.

Thank You!

40's CYMA Bumper

Randall took my custom antique CYMA that I used as a beater and made it look like a million bucks. Now I don't have the heart to wear it while mowing the lawn or snow shoveling because it's too nice. You can see the before and after on his repair blog. Randall is the horology enthusiast best kept secret! He doesn't just soak your movement in gasoline, polish the case, and call it a day. Randall actually disassembles the movement, cleans the parts separately, and lubes the jewel bearings of your movement-which is crucial for longevity of the watch.

Thank You!

by Steve Bookout on Cleveland Watch Repair
Randall Repaired My Coinwatch!

A local jeweler mashed the crystal and failed to get the back reinstalled during a battery replacement. ARRRGGGHHH! Out of desperation and not knowing what to do (besides having evil thoughts and assigning four letter words to the jeweler) Cleveland Watch Repair was found on the Internet and so we took a chance. Amazing--timely replies to my questions were received!! Randall turned out to be polite, to the point, no sugar coating, and up front in his communications. The watch was repaired, looks like a million dollars and my sanity restored. As far as I am concerned, the man performed a small miracle. SO, did I get value for money tendered? A definite YES! Would I be a return customer? Another definite YES! Should you be a Cleveland Watch Repair customer? Again, YES!! Cheers, Bookie

Thank you!

by Ed Anderson on Cleveland Watch Repair
Watch Repair

I have been fortunate to collect several fine watches. The watchmaker I have used in the past is now in his 90’s. I have been a member of NAWCC for many years and Randall with Cleveland Watch Repair is also a member. I recently utilized his services on two of my watches. He is an absolute Pro on vintage and complicated watches! He totally disassembles the watches when he repairs and services them. I HAVE FOUND my watchmaker for future repairs and service of my watches. Randall is an excellent watchmaker!

Thank You!

Highly recommended!

Randall is a true pro--I can't recommend him highly enough. I sent him my non-working vintage Timex Electronic (after several watchmakers in New York refused to look at it) and he made it run like new at a reasonable price. He went the extra mile, replacing a burned-out electronic part with one from a donor watch. I've been collecting watches and dealing with watchmakers for 25 years and Randall's thoroughness and dedication to his craft are simply outstanding. Send Randall your watch--you won't be disappointed!

Thank You!


Sent in a Timex Camper watch I had had since I joined the service in 1982... it was running noticeably slow and sometimes would stop. No one else would touch this cheap thing. Randall did and now it runs and looks new.Also sent in a Wyler Incaflex Dynawind which has been in our family for about 50 years- it, too, is better than new.Randall knows his stuff. Highly recommended for ANY watch repair- if it has gears, hands, and a dial, he knows what to do.

Thank You!

by Allen Nance on Cleveland Watch Repair
1945 bulova president

I purchased a real nice 1945 vintage bulova president off ebay at a good price a few months ago. It wound, set and ran pretty good, except the stem was hard to pull out. The third time I set the time, the stem pulled completely out. Not being able to find anyone locally to repair watches any more, did a google search, found cleveland watch repair, and sent off an email. I mailed the watch in to Randall for evaluation. He was able to machine a replacement lever screw, completely, clean, oil and overhaul the watch, he even restored some of the painted (tiny) Bulova lettering on the dial that had worn off. The watch looks and runs like new, with just the right amount of patina. A very reasonable price as well. What a craftsman! Gonna send him another one soon. Thanks, Randall.

Thank you!

by Jonathan on Cleveland Watch Repair
Highly Skilled!

I burdened Randall with a few hand-wind 1969/1970 Timex diver watches that I had collected after a recommendation from my brother-in-law. Best choice by far. I had slight concern because my watches aren’t considered “nice” or heirlooms, but it was all for naught. I never new that the winding should be that smooth. They were absolutely beautiful when they came back. He even got one running that I was certain needed a new movement. He is truly skilled and very professional. I’ll be sending a few more his way after some more daily wear. Thank you Sir for all the hard work!

Thank you!

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