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by Gary Harding on Cleveland Watch Repair
Pocket Watches

Late getting my Review in, I got my watches back in 12-20-21, just like all my other pocket watches, that I send in too Randall they come back like New. I trust all my watches to Randall to work on, and always will. He is the BEST there is. Thank you so much Randall, for all that you do.

by Andrew H. on Cleveland Watch Repair
Benrus 7155 Restored

With this restoration Randall has worked on eight of my watches; I couldn't be happier with his performance. Pricing is fair, his communication is appropriate and punctual, and the turnaround time is reasonable. I trust Randall with my family heirlooms no problem.

As an aside, buying an old watch and having it restored is a good way to get into the vintage watch game.

by Mark Cavalieri on Cleveland Watch Repair
great job

Randall did a superb job on my Benrus mechanical. I attached a photo. I put on a new black band with a deployment clasp and the watch looks stunning. thank you so much, Randall.

by John Banks on Cleveland Watch Repair
Resurrected Seiko

I gave myself a Seiko Speed Timer when I earned my pilot's license. That was back in the '70s. After a number of years, it quit running so I put it in a drawer. Recently, I got it out of the drawer and used this web site to contact Randall. Let me just say that I am amazed. The watch looks and runs wonderfully well. A great watch deserves great service. Randall provides that great service. Thanks a lot!

by John C on Cleveland Watch Repair
Benrus/Hamilton Military

Randall did an outstanding job repairing my Benrus Type I and Hamilton military watches. He cleaned, lubricated and repaired the face of the Benrus watch - which came back looking and running great. The Hamilton required a new mainspring - which was not available. To fix this problem, Randall sourced a mainspring that would fit the watch. I want to personally thank Randall for the great communication on the process and the safe return of the watches. I would send any of my watches for repair to Randall. Finding an honest and trustworthy watch repair person is like finding a great doctor.

by Conor Boden on Cleveland Watch Repair
1950's Gallet Alarm Watch

What beautiful work and customer service which is above and beyond. This is my second watch sent to Cleveland Watch repair and I must say that I am beyond happy with the complete Overhaul and Cleaning. The watch, unrefinished, came back looking like new and running perfectly! Thank you again

by Skipp McCunney on Cleveland Watch Repair

Just had Randall do a thorough cleaning, adjustment, lube job, crystal replacement on my 1873 Waltham key-wind pocket watch (2nd 150 year old pocket watch I've sent in for work).. Both watches returned quickly, and in perfect working order! I recommend Cleveland Watch Repair UNCONDITIONALLY !!

by Nick Goumas on Cleveland Watch Repair
Outstanding service

Randall's work is outstanding. He restored our tiny 1 1/16th inch wide circa 1913 pocket watch to like new condition. The watch was a family heirloom, broken and hadn't run in over 50 years. Several parts were needed and he sourced them, and even made one. He completed the work in only a few weeks and provided ongoing updates and pictures of the work in process. I would not hesitate to recommend him - a true artisan fully committed to his craft..

by Tim McKeogh on Cleveland Watch Repair
Trustworthy and professional

Cleveland watch Repair has handled numerous watches for my family from
Vintage 1980's Seikos to a 1916 Hamilton Railroad pocket watch that was
my grandfather's (who was an actual railway conductor). Their service, professionalism and trustworthiness are second to none!

by Jerry Dempster on Cleveland Watch Repair
!963 Timex 280

The quality of Randall's work is outstanding! He returned my 1963 Timex given to me as a child to mint condition. Thanks for the great work!

by Skipp McCunney on Cleveland Watch Repair

Sent in my 1883 Lancaster key-wind pocket watch for a serious cleaning, adjustment, etc.. Totally happy with everything.. No guesswork, & Randall kept me frequently updated.. Turn-around time was quick, too! Getting my 1873 Waltham key-wind ready to send in now...

by John Reo on Cleveland Watch Repair

Outstanding repair on my timer electric from the 1960’s
Was my dad’s watch and am grateful you were able to repair
And return it in better condition then when I sent it .
Thank you again

by Mike Moyle on Cleveland Watch Repair

Great Job bringing my Grandfathers Timex Dynabeat back to life. Thank You Randall !!! Outstanding customer service!!!

by Gary Harding on Cleveland Watch Repair
Pocket watches

" Randall is the BEST there is and I trust him with all my Pocket Watch needs. I will always send my watches in for repair, because when I get my watches back they run like new, and they look like new. So keep up the GREAT work my friend and THANKS.

by Eddie Corcino on Cleveland Watch Repair
Cleveland Ball Pocket Watch

Randall is a true craftsman and provides excellent customer service. I had a pocket watch refurbished and he did a great job and even repaired it so it is fully functional. I couldn't ask for any more from him. Great job and will use him again in the future.

by Rick Jordison on Cleveland Watch Repair
Family Heirloom runs great!

I had a a 1950’s vintage alarm clock that belonged to my grandmother. It was a Swiss made CYMA, and she wouldn’t fix it because she thought it was too expensive, but she wouldn’t throw it out. Randall fixed it for a very reasonable price. I love the way it ticks and it keeps time excellently. It reminds me of my grandma and I think she would be happy to see it working so well.

by Tracy on Cleveland Watch Repair
Great Service

Randall did a great job of communicating and providing service to my 1970's Bradley Mickey Mouse watch... Great work and very pleased. Highly recommend.

by Andrew H. on Cleveland Watch Repair
Seth Thomas Century Restoration

A 140 year old watch running like new? It sounds far-fetched unless you know Randall. I picked up a Seth Thomas pocket watch at a show a few years ago in non-working condition. Randall restored it in a reasonable timeframe and it runs like Prefontaine. Randall has worked on seven of my watches and he is the only man I go to.

by Jeremy on Cleveland Watch Repair
Seiko 6139-6005

I sent Randall a Seiko 6139 that was in need of a cleaning and overhaul. He did an amazing job! It looks like it did in 1974. I haven’t taken it off since it was delivered. It’s running spot on. His customer service is second to none! I highly recommend him! Thank You Randall!

by Rich Vance on Cleveland Watch Repair

Sent an old Seiko Pogue in that was no longer resetting to 12 and running fast. Was given a six (or maybe eight) turn-around. Three weeks later I had it back, running perfectly. Great service, and when my next old Seiko starts running bad I know where I'm sending it.

by Gary Harding on Cleveland Watch Repair
Pocket Watches

I have been sending my Pocket Watches in to Randall now for about 6 years. I just got back two of my rare Hamilton 19 jewels model 944s, they were in bad shape. So Randall work on them and like always they turn out to be a beautiful work of art, inside and out. I trust all of my pockets watches to Randall to work on, because he is the BEST. Thanks Randall

by Robert T. on Cleveland Watch Repair
1952 Bulova/1975 Timex Electric

I have two of my late Dad’s watches. A 1952 Bulova he received as a high school graduation gift in 1952 and a Timex Electric Dynabeat he wore in the 1970’s. I sent both to Randall to be restored. Both came back looking and working like new. During the repairs Randall kept me updated including pictures and answered any questions I had. I am highly pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone needing a vintage watch restored. I would have no hesitation sending him more watches in the future.

by Jeff on Cleveland Watch Repair
11967 Benruss military watch

My watch was the1967 Benrus DTU-2A/P MIL-W-3818B he recently serviced. I have to say it turned out perfect. The watch probably runs better than it did in March of 1967 when it was manufactured. He listened to my request and left the dial as is while sealing the lume in the hands from the bottom side to prevent flaking and shedding of the old tritium lume. I can't get over with how well the watch is running. I'll be sending it back to him for service in 5 to 7 years. A great communicator as well, you can't go wrong.

by Anthony Kremer on Cleveland Watch Repair
Excellent Work - 1930s Mickey Mouse Ingersoll

Randall did an excellent job repairing and restoring a 1930s Mickey Mouse Ingersoll watch that once belonged to my grandfather. The watch was in pretty bad shape, but Randall thoroughly explained to me what was needed to get the watch back in working order. He kept in regular contact with me throughout the repair process and answered all of the questions I had during and after the process. Randall clearly enjoys his work, and I would have no hesitation going to him again in the future for another watch repair.

by Andrew Hanwell on Cleveland Watch Repair
Another Fantastic Job: Seiko 6309-8059

This is the fifth timepiece Randall has worked on for me and I do not have enough good things to say about his work. His communication is always prompt and detailed; work like this takes time and attention. This Seiko belonged to my dearly departed grandfather so having it on the wrist and looking great is exceptional.

If you have an old watch you'd like running again or a family heirloom that deserves special care, Cleveland Watch Repair is the place to go.

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