Cleveland Watch Repair Rates

Mechanical Watch Repair Service, Pocket, and Wristwatch
Repair, Overhaul, Clean, Lubricate, Regulate

Use the contact form to inquire about having your watch serviced before sending. Do Not Send Your Watch Without Approval >>>>>

Email or contact form is the best way to contact me. All watches must be mailed in, no walk-in retail location. Once the watch is received, an estimate is given. The watch then goes in line for service. About three weeks before the watch is serviced, you will be notified to send full payment by check or PayPal. Once payment received, the work begins. Repair time, testing and shipping, about two weeks. Total repair time on average is up to 12 weeks. Rush Service Available $100.00 extra, three to four weeks turnaround time.
Watches must be approved before sending. Watches sent in without approval, $25.00 service charge for return. Watches returned without repair, $25.00 service charge to cover shipping and time.
Estimates are good for one month. Watches are repaired in the order they are received. Please allow enough time (up to 12 weeks) if needed by a certain date. When watches are received, they are inspected to determine if parts are needed and an estimate given. After that, they go in line for service in the order received. Please do not send more than two watches at a time as each watch you send will push back the return time.
If your watch is 10 years old or less, contact where you purchased it from or a factory service center. Watches not picked up after one year will be sold. No Trade Work.
* If your vintage watch is missing any major parts like case back, stem, bezel etc, there will be a $25.00 parts search charge.
Make checks payable to Cleveland Watch Repair. PayPal account for payment,

Service Rates for Wrist and Pocket Watches, PLUS PARTS if needed and RETURN Shipping

Mechanical Wrist and Pocket Watch Overhaul $150.00 to $300.00
Balance Staff Replacement $45.00 labor plus $25.00 Staff
Broken Stem Repair $35.00 Plus Stem and Crown
Crystals $35.00 and up Installed
Mainsprings $35.00 and up
Advanced Regulation and Troubleshooting $45.00/hour

Shop Rate $45.00 hour

$14.95 Return Shipping Charge by Priority Mail within U.S. Optional Signature Required. Insurance available per request rates listed below and set by the Postal Service. The extra insurance will be added to the shipping charge. High valued watches should be sent Registered Mail, the Insurance and Postal Service rates are below. No service without an email address. No International Shipping.

Vintage Watch Repair

Display Your Serviced Watch

An overhaul is by disassembly, professional cleaning using a watch cleaner, proper lubrication, and extended testing. Hand polishing of case and band if requested.

  • All proper lubrication and techniques are applied. Pivots polished by hand, gears carefully cleaned and inspected.
  • Parts extra. An estimate will be given before the service begins.
  • You will be kept updated via email.
  • Payment by check or PayPal. Make checks payable to: Cleveland Watch Repair. PayPal email address for sending payment is
  • Watches are tested up to a week after service and before sent back.

To have your watch considered for repaired, first contact me at, or use the contact form and tell me what kind of watch you have and what the service need is. Watches must be sent in by mail to the P.O. Box, No Walk-In Location. For UPS, and FedEx, I can provide a street address. Please, ship watches insured and use tracking. Place my email address in the tracking so I can monitor its arrival. Please pack watches carefully. Do not send original boxes. Include all your contact information including return shipping address and mark what is wrong with the watch. Include your payment preference, check or PayPal. Send watches to C. W. R., Randall Zadar, P.O. 361009, Strongsville, OH 44136. When your watch arrives, I will let you know. Please note, If you have an important event you need the watch for, like a gift, please allow sufficient time for the repair. Repairs can take up to 12 weeks, depending on many factors like backlog, parts search and meticulous workmanship.

Cleveland Watch Repair

Warranty is limited to our discretion, up to 12 months, and within reason on work performed. Watches sold, mishandled, not wound correctly or dropped after service are not covered. Mishandled watches resulting in a broken balance staff, jewels, pivots, crystals, and other parts are not covered. Broken mainsprings and other parts are not covered unless those parts were replaced. After service, all watches are placed on extended testing. They can vary plus or minus, depending on temperature, position and how often you wind it. Some vintage watches can vary a couple of minutes per day. Watches sent back and not covered under warranty will be charged labor, parts and return shipping. It is recommended to keep vintage watches from water. Be careful even washing your hands. Avoid rain and high moisture environments. Most vintage watches were not designed to be waterproof or dust proof. If your watch has water damage, it will not be covered by warranty. You must fully wind a mechanical watch daily for good timekeeping, preferably, every 12 hours or less. Wind your watch slowly clockwise until it stops unless it is an automatic, then wind until you feel some resistance, generally 40 to 60 half turns of the crown. If your watch is an automatic and does not manual wind, it is recommended to gently shake the watch side to side for a couple of minutes spinning the rotor inside and winding the watch, before wearing it to get the mainspring started. If your watch has rapid day/date advance, do not advance until well past midnight to avoid damage to the mechanism. Keep vintage watches from rough activity, sports, construction, hammering, golfing, exercising. Most vintage watches have no shock protection and damage can occur if dropped or receive a sudden shock. A watch overhaul does not cover everything that can go wrong with a watch in the future, it is limited in scope because too many variables are out of our control and a watch is a very delicate machine.

Thank you.

Cleveland Watch Repair

Extra Shipping Insurance Rates for Priority Mail, Effective as of January 2019

$2.80 for $100.00
$3.50 for $200.00
$4.60 for $300.00
$5.80 for $400.00
$6.95 for $500.00
$9.35 for $600.00
$10.70 for $700.00
$12.05 for $800.00
$13.40 for $900.00
$14.75 for $1000.00
$16.10 for $1100.00
$17.45 for $1200.00

Add $1.35 for additional $100.00 Insurance

If you have a very valuable watch, Register Mail is the best option for insurance and security.

Registered Mail Insurance Rates, Plus actual shipping cost
Declared Value Price:
$0.00 $10.00
$0.01 to $100 $10.90
$100.01 to $500 $12.20
$500.01 to $1,000 $13.40
$1,000.01 to $2,000 $14.60
$2,000.01 to $3,000 $15.80
$3,000.01 to $4,000 $17.00
$4,000.01 to $5,000 $18.20
$5,000.01 to $6,000 $19.40
$6,000.01 to $7,000 $20.60
$7,000.01 to $8,000 $21.80
$8,000.01 to $9,000 $23.00
$9,000.01 to $10,000 $24.20
$10,000.01 to $11,000 $25.40
$11,000.01 to $12,000 $26.60
$12,000.01 to $13,000 $27.80
$13,000.01 to $14,000 $29.00
$14,000.01 to $15,000 $30.20
$15,000.01 to $16,000 $31.40
$16,000.01 to $17,000 $32.60
$17,000.01 to $18,000 $33.80
$18,000.01 to $19,000 $35.00
$19,000.01 to $20,000 $36.20
$20,000.01 to $21,000 $37.40
$21,000.01 to $22,000 $38.60
$22,000.01 to $23,000 $39.80
$23,000.01 to $24,000 $41.00
$24,000.01 to $25,000 $42.20