Benrus Pointer Date Service Tracking

Tracking Benrus Watch Repair

Overhaul Service of a Benrus Pointer Date Model CE 3 AXZ 17 Jewel Movement

Benrus Wristwatch checked-in 2/6/21


Vintage Watch Repair

Benrus Before Service, Crown Bent, Missing Date Pointer Hand, Broken Hour Hand


Vintage Watch Repair

Case Back Before service, Case Tube Worn


Vintage Watch Repair

Scratches on Left Side of Dial From Bezel Being Removed Improperly Previously


Vintage Watch Repair

CE 3 17 Jewel Movement Before Service


Vintage Watch Repair

Date Hand and Hour Hand Fitted, Crystal Polished, New Crown Installed


Benrus Watch Repair

Red Date Hand


Current status, estimate given, watch placed in line for service.