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by Georgios B on Cleveland Watch Repair

I am so glad watching my grandfather's Lord Elgin working again. Thanks again Randall for doing such a great work !

Thank you! This watch was sent all the way back to Athens Greece.

by David Hale on Cleveland Watch Repair
Bulla and swiss repairs

I sent in 2 pocket watches I had picked up that were in bad shape. I thought they would never run again but Mr Zadar rebuilt the Bulla and key wind Swiss watch to my surprise, I now have 2 old working impressive watches. Very happy customer thanks for everything I highly recommend Cleveland watch repair to anyone needing repairs. Thanks, David H.

Thank you!

by Paul Marsh on Cleveland Watch Repair
watch reair service

Just rcvd back from Randall, my Gruen Roadway Precision 21 wristwatch. This watch had belonged to my grandfather and was in need of service. The Gruen made the 4th watch for me, that has been serviced by Randall. 1st was a Timex Dynabeat brought back from death. 2nd was a Wohler Automatic with a broken winding mechanism. I had been told to junk it----non repairable. This watch had belonged to a recently deceased cousin. Somehow, Randall managed to fabricate a part for it and get it running again. 3rd was an old Timex automatic Due to the way the watch was designed and manufactured, it was never intended to be serviced. Run til it quit and purchase another. Randall got it going again. And most recently, the Gruen. Job well done. Thank you.

Thank you!

by Ed Blonder on Cleveland Watch Repair
Timex Reef Gear

I am so glad i found Cleveland Watch Repair on the internet by accident. Randall was the only one to offer to inspect my Timex Reef Gear after it filled with water, probably my fault in not tightening the crown all the way after resetting the time on a trip. He cleaned it by removing all the mineral deposits, etc. It looks brand new and runs like a top! I was ready to relegate it to the dresser drawer before I found Cleveland Watch. Also, extremely fair in pricing and a quick turnaround .

Thank you!

by Larry Miller on Cleveland Watch Repair

Randall repaired 2 Dynabeat Elgins, and when done they were in such good condition I couldn't believe it, Money well spent!As I am a collector Randall will be seeing more of my watches in the future. Thanks so much for the beautiful work.SincerelyLarry L.Miller

Thank you!

by Terry Webb on Cleveland Watch Repair

I sent my Wyler self-winding wrist watch, which I received for my high school graduation in May 1965, to Randall for repair. I had previously taken it to two other watchmakers who were unable to fix it properly.I am happy to report that that it has been restored to excellent running condition and looks as good as it did the day I received it thanks to Randall.

Thank You!

New York Sandard 18S Repair

Randall performed an exceptional job repairing and cleaning a ~1890 NY Std. 18S beauty. impressed with his capabilities and efficiency in completing the job on a watch with hard to find parts. A+ 🙂

Thank you!

by Richard Castagnola on Cleveland Watch Repair
Timex Watch Repair

I have an old 1971 Timex Electric watch which had spent many years forgotten in a dresser drawer. I was told it did not work by a local shop after a new battery was tried. Another shop told me they would replace the original electric movement with a newer quartz one, as parts were no longer available. This is not what I wanted. Doing an internet search I found Mr. Randall Zadar of Cleveland Watch Repair. I submitted the provided repair service form, and shortly thereafter the watch was
sent to him. He fixed my watch, which is now running perfectly, and still with the original movement in it as well that did require a few new parts. I could not be happier with my watch and the service provided by Mr. Zadar and Cleveland Watch Repair. Excellent service and very professional all around. I highly recommend him to any and all if you have an old timepiece (or a newer one) that needs repair. I am
truly thrilled to have this old watch working once again after so many years, as it has great intrinsic value to me because my mom gave it to me after getting out of the military way back then. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Zadar and Cleveland Watch Repair.

Thank you!

by Rick Duncan on Cleveland Watch Repair
Omega Seamaster 490

I'm so glad I met Randall, a personable and thorough professional. My vintage Omega Seamaster 490 caliber watch was not working. Gears were broken. Rust was evident. He was able to purchase vintage parts and lovingly restore the watch that others might have claimed was unserviceable. He patiently explained the very interesting process for restoring this watch, which makes me appreciate it even more. I now have a gorgeous, functioning watch with vintage patina on the dial that I can wear with pride and pass along to future generations. Thanks, Cleveland Watch Repair! Highly recommended without reservation!

Thank you!

Great Service

Randall did a great job on my Seiko Quartz diver watch. The service was done in a timely manner and he was upfront with everything from the price to potential options for the watch. My Dad (who originally owned the Seiko) said it looked better than when he got it.


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