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Randall ZadarWatchmaker/Artist/Sculptor
Randall Zadar

I became fascinated with watches over 20 years ago when I started creating Fine Art Miniature Bronze sculpture

Miniature Clock

“DRESSAGE” by Randall Zadar, 2.5 inches tall, cast in bronze and hand-painted in oils

Growing up, my first watches were mechanical Timex Watches that my parents gave me in the 70’s. I used to love listening to them tick and winding them up. Later I inherited some watches from my dad, mom, and grandparents. I then started collecting skeleton watches because I love to see the movement and function of the mechanism inside.

Moving into watch repair was a logical step with my interest in micro-mechanics and working with small bronze sculptures with extremely fine detail. Also, my growing collection of watches that needed service, necessitated me learning watchmaking. I have repaired many watches from a simple mechanical watch to complicated watches of all kinds. I am proud of the timepieces I have brought back to life.

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Randall Zadar

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